Pulled Apart By Horses LIVE @ Heaven, London

Pulled Apart By Horses hit Heaven in London on the final gig of this UK tour, following the (surprisingly?) heavy success of their latest album, ‘Blood’. The, disappointing for many, early start tonight (due to it being a Friday and the fact that ‘Heaven’ has to open as a club at 11pm) means that an 8.45pm stage time catches many out and there’s a distinctly spacious feel as the band hit the stage, but ‘hit’ is indeed the right word.

This is an all-out assault on the eyes and the eardrums as an unrelenting, series of soaring and intense wave after wave aural bombardment cuts swathes across and through this venue, matched only by the energy thrown straight back by a crowd that clearly adores this Leeds four-piece.

The difference in the songs from ‘Blood’ is that they seem more structured, more hooky’ and display a much better calibre of memorable melodies, songs that can be sung along to, and with a construction that is logical and shows progression. The live show clearly benefits from this structure too, despite the band’s continued preference for never remaining still long enough to allow a sniper (or desperately frustrated photographer for that matter) to draw a bead on them. This order amongst the chaos on stage makes their live shows so much more enjoyable than a simple ‘thrash’ or frenetic evening of blurred violence.

The easy way of describing PABH’s live show is a simple series of words – engaging, accomplished, loud, and intense.

It’s an evening of old and new songs but it’s the new ones that hit home the hardest and feel more celebrated. Whether this is simply as a result of a general preferring of ‘Blood’ to their earlier work it’d be hard say but what you could say for certain is that this is a band that are clearly on the rise. As long as the resurgence of music that is heavily ‘grunge’ influenced gathers pace, PABH will continue to be on the ascendancy and the return of sweat, denim, ill-fitting clothes and sore throats will prevail.

Leaving the photographer’s pit tonight, this reviewer got caught on the side of the head by a full pint of snakebite. It seemed a perfect analogy for the type of evening that it was.

Words and Photos: Dan Aitch

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