Beans on Toast LIVE @ Ruby Lounge, Manchester

One of Manchester’s iconic rock and roll venues, The Ruby Lounge was singer-songwriter Beans On Toast‘s stage for the night – something which turned out to be a more fitting combination than expected.

Renowned as a musician who has never tried to kid anyone into thinking he’s something he isn’t or one who has taken himself too seriously, tonight was never going to be a typical gig. True enough, this turned out to be the case when Beans began playing a mixture of songs of his choice and calling for requests.

Rifling through tracks about politics, drugs, drinking, good times and love stories told in only the unique way he can, it was evident from the beginning, there was only one reason the musician was in this business, to have a good time, and for those around him to do the same. Something which he accomplished emphatically on the night.

The show soon turned into a mixture of performance and a relay of personal experiences, stories and memories in between, which had the crowd captivated and responding engagingly to each one. In fact, for one of these it turned out the girl who the story was about was actually in the crowd, so unsurprisingly she too ended up on stage, revelling in the tale.

Without milking the applause, Beans immediately reappeared to the crowd’s wishes to perform an encore, but on the stage? Of course not, on the shoulders of an audience member? Yeah that’s more like it.  Deciding the length of the performance by just how long the lucky (unlucky?) fan could hold him up for, the encore in no way disappointed.

It’s insanely refreshing seeing an artist go about his trade in such a manor that radiates such enjoyment that it filters out into the crowd and pushes the show to be not just something great, but more importantly something fun. It’s never going to be anything too serious, just a chance for people to have a good time and enjoy themselves, something we often forget to do.

Rating: 4/5

Words: Brad Lengden