Basement LIVE @ Sound Control, Manchester

Earlier this year Basement’s hiatus came to an end as the five lads from Ipswich decided to get back together. After a heavy summer of touring and  festivals, the band were finally ready to play some UK club shows. The Manchester date coincidentally landed on Halloween, so after such lengthy wait were the fans in for a trick or a treat?

The main support of the tour were Cloakroom, all the way from Indiana. Without any knowledge of their material or what genre they were, Basement couldn’t of had a more fitting band as support. They may not have put in the most energetic of performances tonight but the crowd seemed happy with them all the same. However, without question the crowd were all itching for the headliners of the night.

So after nearly two years out of the picture, Basement were back before our very eyes and didn’t waste any time as they opened with “Whole”. It’s safe to say the crowd didn’t waste any time getting involved with the bands performance either as the sing a longs started straight away and didn’t end until the last verse of the encore.

Given the break, you may expect there to be some rust and a few mistakes here and there. But instead Basement sounded fantastic. Both vocally and instrumentally, though the warm up shows over the summer before this mini UK tour may have had something to do with that. The band’s energy was so positive and the crowd didn’t stop singing all night.

Their setlist choice was also faultless. With so many great songs as well as the EP releases earlier this year, you may have thought they would have struggled to squeeze all the top songs in, but this seemed to be no issue. As anthems such as “Pine”, “Covet”, “Crickets Throw Their Voice” and many more were aired, everybody in the room connected in the incredibly fun time. This is what what gigs are about.

This was one of the best shows of the year, which is no small statement. The long wait was more than worth it.  No tricks from Basement this Halloween, instead for everyone in attendance it was treats all round.

Rating: 5/5

Words: Luke Corcoran

Photo credit: Mitch Pinney