Album Review: Wampire – “Bazaar”

Naming themselves after how the Portland quintet believed ‘German people’ said Vampire, you may be inclined to write-off Wampire (emphasis on the “W”) on that basis alone.

Thankfully the only thing that may “suck” (geddit??) a bit here is their name. On their second record Bazaar the band offer up a veritable trove of haphazardly curated trinket-like treasures for the listener to pick their way over. The gnarly 60s Surf-Psych grooves of “Bad Attitude” are perhaps unusually juxtaposed on the LP with the breezy leisure-boating 70s Soft Rock of “Life of Luxury”; both of which sound even more at odds when associated with the starry 80s glossed Chill Wave of “Millenials”. Best of all is the distinctly Serge Gainsbourgian “Wizard Staff”. With its shamelessly seductive sax, shady vocals and guitar line so sleazy your ears will blush, the track makes a case for being one of the year’s finest.

After 2013s Curiosity, this is a follow-up record that sees Wampire expand on their already considerable range of styles with the same bombast that delighted before. Fittingly, Bazaar offers up a selection of pieces plucked out of eras long gone, slightly worn in sound, but ultimately lovingly restored and irresistibly nostalgic. In short, Wampire’s latest is an irresistible offer you’ll find hard to turn down.

Rating: 4/5

Words: Thom Williams

Wampire will play the following dates this November:

24-Nov-14 UK London – OSLO, Hackney
25-Nov-14 UK London – The Forum(supporting Mac deMarco)
26-Nov-14 UK Bristol – Start the Bus
27-Nov-14 UK Glasgow – Glad cafe
29-Nov-14 UK Brighton – The Green Door Store