The ever mysterious Mysteries share new track ahead of LP release

Mysteries have shared a new track “Ev’rything” ahead of the the release of their forthcoming album.

Speaking about “Ev’rything” one of the anonymous Mysteries members has given a typically cryptic statement about the release:

“there seems to me to be a disconnection between the way humans are inwardly and outwardly existing at the moment.”

Well if that doesn’t make any sense to you, try getting your head around the track itself, which can be listened to below. ‘Ev’rything’ offers one further insight into the wave of industrial-pop beats evolving from the curious trio.

Mysteries have been slowly building a name for themselves with a series of enigmatic moves. A few months ago the Felte label received an anonymous demo accompanied by a photo of 3 figures with their faces concealed (Picture inset).

The LP ‘New Age Music Is Here’ is due out on Monday Oct 27th via Felte records.

Listen to ‘Ev’rything’ here via 45 Magazine: