INTERVIEW: Crossfaith

Q. Hi, how are you? Who are speaking to?
A. Hi, this is Hiro – I play bass in Crossfaith

Q. So let’s jump straight into it, you have been on the Kerrang Tour with Limp Bizkit this month, how has that been going?
A. It has been amazing! All the bands and crew were really nice to us and Fred, Wes, Sam, John – they watched our show almost every night. Of course I was a little tense when they were watching us but after we hung out with them, it was just fun and weird haha. And in Manchester, that day was Kazu’s birthday so we sang “Happy Birthday” on stage with the whole crowd and I brought just 2 packs of SAKE from Japan, so I gave one to Kazu and one to Wes from Limp Bizkit! We’ve been listening them since we were 12 years old… can you imagine how crazy this is?

Q. What’s the craziest thing that has happened on the tour so far?
A. When I just finished taking a shower in the back stage area, Fred came up to the shower room and then I was totally naked. And I went to watch them after the shower then Fred was taking about my penis size in front of 2 thousands crowd.
Of course he said…you know haha!

“We’ve been listening them since we were 12 years old… can you imagine how crazy this is?”

Q. You have supported some pretty big bands over here in Bring Me The Horizon and now Limp Bizkit do you intend on doing a headline tour over here anytime soon?
A. Yes, we are planning our FIRST headline tour in UK. Hopefully in this fall. So stoked to see you there!

Q. You released your latest album ‘Apocalyze’ last year, how do you feel it went?
A. In Japan we got to No.1 for our song called ‘Eclipse’ on MTV Japan and we’ve been receiving great reactions at the venue and the the magazines internationally!

Q. I have read that a lot of the lyrics for your songs hit quite close to home, are they taken from personal experiences?
A. (Ken – vocals )Yes, I’ve always got inspiration from experiences that happened around me.

Q. Your sound is pretty unique, but it sounds like it draws influences from bands like The Prodigy and Slipknot, was this intended or did it all just fall into place?
A. It was not intended, but everyone in the band likes Slipknot and The Prodigy so there are some influences and maybe it is significant for us.

Q. You have just realised a video ‘The Evolution’ which looked like a bunch of fun how it making it?
A. The video is made by “Inni Vision” who is our really close friend. He made all of our music and tour videos and this time we shot this video in Tokyo and Ibaraki.

Q. What are your plans for 2014?
A. We’ll hit some European festivals like Download Festival, Rock am Ring, GrassPop, HellFest… so many festivals. And like I told you we’re gonna touring in your country this fall so don’t miss it!

Crossfaith are Tatsuya Amano (Drums), Kazuki Takemura (Guitar), Kenta Koie (Vocals), Hiroki Ikegawa (Bass), Terufumi Tamano (Keys)