INTERVIEW: The Naked And Famous

We all absolutely love performing live and touring. We get to see some amazing places and meet wonderful people but after 2 years we were ready to start writing new material

Q. Hi, how are you? Who are we speaking to?
You’re speaking with David Beadle from The Naked And Famous. I’m good thank you! I’m sitting in our rehearsal space waiting for the others to arrive.

Q. You recently aired a new song ‘Hearts Like Ours’ how have the fans taken to it?
I think the reaction has been absolutely positive. I’m incredibly excited about this second record and it’s an amazing feeling knowing that people are enjoying the first single. The reaction on radio and places like youtube is great and I can’t wait for people to hear more!

Q. The video for it was directed by Campbell Hooper how did you find making it?
Special Problems, which is Campbell and Joel Kefali, have done all our videos along with website, album artwork etc. They’re almost the visual side of The Naked And Famous. Every treatment they send through we get excited about and this one was no different. A lot of the scenes were actually filmed at our house in Laurel Canyon here in Los Angeles. It’s kind of cool to have that timestamp in your life. We all lived together during the process of writing and recording ‘In Rolling Waves’ and it’s nice to have that part of our life and house cemented in the music video for Hearts Like Ours

Q. When you were making ‘Passive Me, Aggressive You’ did you ever expect the kind of reaction it got?
Absolutely not. We were just excited to be a band in New Zealand able to perform our songs to an audience at home. After the release of ‘Young Blood’ things took a turn that we never expected but were only excited about! Because of blogs and the nature of the internet, our music was heard across the world and things just snowballed from there.

Q. Did this add more pressure when recording the follow up?
I think there’s some pressure in the second record but it’s not something that was ever at the forefront of our minds. We’ve only ever been enthusiastic about making music and only grew on this second record. We have a great respect for our audience and we want to be able to deliver something to them that we’re proud of and that they also will love!

Q. You have been touring non stop for 2 years were you glad to get back into the studio?
We all absolutely love performing live and touring. We get to see some amazing places and meet wonderful people but after 2 years we were ready to start writing new material. Thom had been writing on the road so was very enthusiastic and had a lot of ideas to start forming proper demos and songs from. Like our last record, this record was all written at home and ideas produced in bedrooms. We spent 3 weeks recording those songs at Sunset Sound and then mixing for a month in London with Alan Moulder at Assault and Battery

Q. What were the major influences on this record?
Alt-J, The Chemical Brothers, EMA, Frightened Rabbit, Apparat, Suuns, Fuck Buttons, M83

Q. What can fans expect from ‘In Rolling Waves’?
In rolling waves is a record by The Naked And Famous. We didn’t take a 90 degree turn or throw a musical curve ball. We hope that fans can sense a maturity in the song writing but that they get similar feelings they did from ‘Passive Me, Aggressive You’. There’s a lot more space on this record and it’s more introspective. The last record had a lot of layers but on this record we concentrated more on the sounds and individual parts that the instruments are playing. If something didn’t sound great, we wouldn’t add another layer until it did. We’d go back to the drawing board and rewrite it until it could sound great on its own

Q. Which tracks off the album should fans be looking out for and why?
One of my favourite tracks of the new record is Grow Old. that track kind of sums up my previous answer. It’s a very big sounding song but there are not many layers. We concentrated a lot of effort into that song and the parts each individual plays. It’s a very exciting song to play and to listen to.

Q. You will be back over here in November for another UK tour, what do you have instore for the fans?
Fans can expect a lot of our new record ‘In Rolling Waves’ along with our favourite tracks from ‘Passive Me, Aggressive You’. We take the live performance very seriously and get very excited about the visual aspect so that it will be a great show musically and visually.

Catch The Naked And Famous on tour in the UK this November
21 Nov – Manchester, England – Ritz
22 Nov – Birmingham, England – Institute
23 Nov – Norwich, England – UEA
25 Nov – Dublin, Eire – Olympia
26 Nov – Belfast, Northern Ireland – Limelight
27 Nov – Glasgow, Scotland – O2 ABC
29 Nov – Bristol, England – O2 Academy
30 Nov – Oxford, England – O2 Academy
1 Dec – London, England – O2 Shepherds Bush Empire