Defeater Premiere New Track No Shame

A band known for their captivating and comprehensive storytelling just as much as their elaborate and complex music, Massachusetts’ Defeater have premiered new track ‘No Shame’ via the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show last night, with Daniel P Carter calling the record “Amazing”. Decide for yourself and listen to the new track here.

‘Letters Home’, their third and heaviest/best work yet will be released via Bridge Nine Records on 15th July. These ten new tracks are heavy and haunting, while lyrically poignant and continuing the story of a working class family living in post-WWII America. ‘Letters Home’ revolves around the father of two brothers that listeners were introduced to in two of Defeater’s prior releases (Travels and most recently Empty Days & Sleepless Nights), giving a background to the character and seeing some of the events from those past albums through his eyes. Vocalist Derek Archambault commented, “Inspiration for this record came from a few places. Much like with Lost Ground,these stories are based around my two grandfathers’ service in WWII .” He continued, “Musically the record hearkens back to Travels and Lost Ground. EDSN was a bit of a departure for us, and I think we took some good chances on that record but ‘Letters Home’ brings it back to why we started this band in the first place five years ago.”

Hear other tracks from the album below