Filter to Release New Album this June

Multi-platinum US rockers Filter unleash their sixth studio album and Wind-Up/Spinefarm Records debut, ‘The Sun Comes Out Tonight,’ on June 3rd 2013.
Described as “a combination of grunge heat and industrial ice” by Rolling Stone, few rock groups have so consistently torn up the rule book and ploughed their own path, the music – contemporary, intelligent & unorthodox – topped off by the signature roar of front-man, former Nine Inch Nails associate & band nucleus, Richard Patrick.
Now, in 2013, guitarist Jonny Radtke (ex-Kill Hannah) has joined the ranks as co-conspirator, helping to define the brand new body of work that is The Sun Comes Out… – a glorious industrial rock fusion recorded at Blue Room Studios in Los Angeles with Bob Marlette (Atreyu, Shinedown, Seether) at the production helm.
Since the release of their self-produced debut album, ‘Short Bus’, back in 1995, Filter have carved out a decorated career taking in soundtracks, remixes, hit singles (including breakthrough track ‘Hey Man, Nice Shot’), chart success and record sales in the millions, and ‘The Sun Comes Out Tonight’ sees the band not just back in the international spotlight but back out on tour, with US dates lined up from late May onwards (the ‘Summerland’ tour).

1. We Hate It When You Get What You Want
2. What Do You Say
3. Surprise
4. Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight
5. It’s Got To Be Right Now
6. This Finger’s For You
7. Self Inflicted
8. First You Break It
9. Burn It
10. Take That Knife Out Of My Back
11. It’s My Time
12. It’s Just You

A free track, We Hate It When You Get What You Want, is available now via the band’s website.