ONES TO WATCH: Superfood

We can’t seem to get enough of the beats coming from Birmingham. As the city launch another band onto our radar; Superfood. Have Birmingham been saving up these talents ready to be unearthed in 2013 making the B-town scene massive?

First the lovesick quartet, Peace followed by Swim Deep who came on to the scene at the end of last year and are still storming ahead this. With newcomers Jaws making waves it’s time for Superfood to step up and continue this incredible run that Birmingham are on. At the end of last year Peace put a gig on at The Rainbow Warehouse where Superfood played alongside, Swim Deep, JAWS, Wide Eyed and Heavy Waves. This tight nip community is what makes the Birmingham scene so special; they help promote each other and making their fans bases grow and grow. That and the all happen to be incredibly talented. You won’t know much about Superfood unless you have seen them live. This new mysterious band has in fact changed their name twice from Baby 100 and Junnk, finally settling with Superfood. With the band finally put out a viral recording via Souncloud titled ‘Superfood’ the world can finally hear their talent, rather than stumbling across them as the support act for Peace the up and coming In Love UK Tour.

Lucky for us Superfood may be part of the B-Town clan but they won’t be sending you on the same sort of trippy daze and head spins as JAWS do. With extremely catchy lyrics and strong Brit pop hook you will be left ‘Always Hungry’ for more. With this being there first track we have high hopes for the band I’m sure they can cook up more of a storm after all they are from B-Town.

Listen to a song below: