INTERVIEW: Senses Fail

With a new release imminent we interview frontman Buddy from Senses Fail.

Q. How are you? Feeling good about the up and coming release of the album?
A. I am great, thank you. I feel more confident and excitement about this release than any other record in our past.

Q. How did Shaun Lopez get involved with the album? How much of an influence has he had on the album?
A. We thought through a list of people we wanted to work with and he was at the top. He played various different rolls. He co wrote a song on the record and helped write one or two guitar parts and over saw all the production. I think the sound of the record is as much a part of the songs. It has a feel and a vibe.

Q. You have said this album is going to be heavier, was that a direction you intended to take?
A. Yes.

Q. Did you do anything different when making Renacer to previous albums?
A. Everything was done differently. We wanted to relaunch the band. Everything from the name, artwork, song writing, promo pictures, everything was executed with more care and direction.

Q. You celebrated your 10th anniversary as a band last year do you feel you’re as strong as ever?
A. Absolutely, I feel this band is more alive and more exciting than ever before.

Q. Renacer means ‘to be reborn’, do you feel going into a new decade of music this title is fitting?
A. Yes, I feel the name not only speaks to the record but also to our being as musicians. I feel, for the first time, I can call myself a musician.

Q. So you are heading out on tour of the UK in May, how do you find the UK?
A. I love the UK. A lot of bands dislike it for various reasons but I really love the country and really enjoy playing there. One of my all time goals in life is to headline Brixton. I doubt that will ever happen but it speaks to my love of the country. I think there is nothing cooler than playing big shows in England.

Q. Have you got any surprises up your sleeve for it?
A. Not any planned just yet, as it is hard for us to bring any kind of production overseas but we will figure something out.

Q. There is always a lot of talk of how the UK and American fanbase differs, what’s the biggest difference between the two in your opinion?
A. I feel like they are pretty similar. I don’t see a ton of difference between the two, however I do think the UK takes their music a little more serious. Especially their rock music.

Q. What are your plans for the rest of the year?
A. Tour and play as many shows as possible, then write another record.